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Beer in Denver

Beer in Denver

There is so much to learn about beer…. how it’s brewed, why it’s brewed the way it is brewed, how to distinguish all the tasty flavors and what breweries are coming out with new, tasty beverages.  Here are some of the top news stories relating to beer. Clicking on a link will open a new window.


Dear Client: Remember back when there was no pandemic -- about 100 years ago -- when Molson Coors sued Anheuser-Busch alleging their 2019 Super Bowl ads and packaging pointing out that Bud Light isn't brewed with corn syrup while Miller Lite and Coors Light were, was misleading? Those were such simple times ….. Such naive … "The Latest on CornGate" You are unauthorized to view this page.
Mon, Jul 06, 2020
Dear Client: Ahead of the holiday weekend, large swaths of states and major cities are reclosing bars, pointing to the establishments as major sources of coronavirus spread. By the time you read this story, more may have been announced. In Wisconsin on Wednesday, the Madison-Dane County public health department ordered indoor service at bars to … "More States and Cities Reclose Bars" You are unauthorized to view this page.
Fri, Jul 03, 2020
Dear Client: At the Kroger in College Station, Texas, (home of Texas A&M University) there are no premium lights in the circular ad. Just Mexican imports, seltzers, below-premium, big/local crafts, and Mich Ultra. HEB and Walmart did not offer any beers in their weekly ads. And we spotted similar trends in other chains as we … "Brewers Keeping Their Powder Dry" You are unauthorized to view this page.
Thu, Jul 02, 2020
Dear Client: Constellation hinted a little over a month ago that they expected their first quarter depletions to be up low-to-mid single digits, and shipments to be down that much, [see BBD 05-28-2020]. And that's exactly what happened. The company reported fiscal year 2021 Q1 beer results, which covers the three months ended May 31, … "Constellation Beer Q1 Depletions Up 5.6%, Organic Shipments Down 6.3%" You are unauthorized to view this page.
Wed, Jul 01, 2020

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