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Beer in Denver

Beer in Denver

There is so much to learn about beer…. how it’s brewed, why it’s brewed the way it is brewed, how to distinguish all the tasty flavors and what breweries are coming out with new, tasty beverages.  Here are some of the top news stories relating to beer. Clicking on a link will open a new window.


Dear Client: Molson Coors’ latest blog post pitches retailers on harnessing the interaction between premium lights and hard seltzers (at least, it alleges). The post asserts an “opportunity” for retailers, stating that outlets can bring customers “in for premium lights or hard seltzer and send ‘em away with a case of both.” This post is … "Premium Lights and Seltzers Work Together at Retail, Says Molson Coors" You are unauthorized to view this page.
Fri, Aug 12, 2022
Dear Client: Yesterday, we reported how beer managed a positive month over July in the off-premise, per IRI scans. Now, Nielsen scans for the month are in, and the numbers there are even stronger. Indeed, while beer pulled out a little under 2% growth in dollars in IRI, it snagged 4.4% growth over the month … "Beer Crushes in Convenience over July, Up 7.6%" You are unauthorized to view this page.
Thu, Aug 11, 2022
Dear Client: The hoppy water space, as with NA beer, has been buzzy. Certainly, wholesalers have taken note of such functional, non-alc beverages, the "largest" of which tend to have high margins and growth profiles. But on the segment's small base, Jim Koch might call such brands "the largest pygmies." Dave Williams of BWC Co. … "Why Constellation is Investing in the Hop Water Space" You are unauthorized to view this page.
Wed, Aug 10, 2022
Dear Client: Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (nicknamed AMLO) surprised everybody in the beer world by declaring Monday that beer production should halt in drought-stricken northern Mexico. The comments were made during his daily press conference. He qualified by saying “this is not to say we won’t produce any more beer; it’s to say … "Mexico’s President: “We Won’t Produce Beer in the North – That’s Over”" You are unauthorized to view this page.
Tue, Aug 09, 2022

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