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Beer in Denver

Beer in Denver

There is so much to learn about beer…. how it’s brewed, why it’s brewed the way it is brewed, how to distinguish all the tasty flavors and what breweries are coming out with new, tasty beverages.  Here are some of the top news stories relating to beer. Clicking on a link will open a new window.


Dear Client: For the first time this year, there’s a segment gaining more dollar share than hard seltzer in NielsenIQ four-week scans. Yep, imports have been hot on hard seltzer’s tail in dollar share gains as of late, even matching the segment’s gains last week, but in this latest batch of data, which stretches to … "Imports Gain More Dollar Share than Hard Seltzer in Latest Nielsen" You are unauthorized to view this page.
Wed, Jul 28, 2021
Dear Client: Welp, there’s good news and bad news. As expected, July 4 off-premise booze sales did not top trends from 2020, when there was no on-premise to speak of – but they’ve still done significantly better than 2019, led by spirits, seltzer and other RTDs. And for those lamenting seltzer's deceleration, note that the … "Beer Goes Flat, Seltzer Goes Fizz in July 4 Results" You are unauthorized to view this page.
Tue, Jul 27, 2021
Dear Client: As is our custom, at about mid-year we take a glance at our predictions -- foggy binoculars -- made back in January and take a snap-shot of how we did so far. So here goes: PREDICTION: Seltzer will continue to grow in 2021— but it will be tough for lead brands to fully … "Mid-Year Predictions Review" You are unauthorized to view this page.
Mon, Jul 26, 2021
Dear Client: A puzzled Bonnie Herzog kicked off the Q&A session of yesterday’s Boston Beer earnings call. The Goldman Sachs analyst didn’t know where to begin… “I'm truly struggling. And yes, pun intended with how meaningfully your results have deteriorated.” Indeed, after reporting near 50% depletion growth in the first quarter of this year, Boston … "Jim and Dave on What the Heck Happened" You are unauthorized to view this page.
Fri, Jul 23, 2021

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