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Beer in Denver

Beer in Denver

There is so much to learn about beer…. how it’s brewed, why it’s brewed the way it is brewed, how to distinguish all the tasty flavors and what breweries are coming out with new, tasty beverages.  Here are some of the top news stories relating to beer. Clicking on a link will open a new window.


Dear Client: Ahead of big time earnings later this week, we thought we'd do a round of pulse-checking some of our top sources on what they're seeing in the market. The themes are the same that we've been reporting. Only, sources seem to think some key issues are perhaps extreme, and in some cases, enduring, … "Truth Squadders on Worsening Supply Chain, Seltzer Buildup, Sticker Shock and More" You are unauthorized to view this page.
Tue, Oct 26, 2021
Dear Client: Lots of c-store innovations presented at the NACS show this year in Chicago, and for beer/seltzer the name of the game for 2022 appears to be more bold flavors (especially agave). DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK. For Anheuser-Busch, that means Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda, says Goldman Sachs analyst Bonnie Herzog in her … "2022 C-Store Innovations Will Center Around Bold New Flavors (Like Bud Light Hard Seltzer Soda)" You are unauthorized to view this page.
Mon, Oct 25, 2021
Dear Client: Roughly a year ago, we predicted that agave and tequila-inspired seltzers of any base would be the next wave in the seltzer craze, and judging from all the big new bets from major players, we gotta say -- we were spot on. Here's a smattering of just the last month or so's new … "Corona “Seltzerita” Testing in Texas, Set to Launch Nationally Early ’22" You are unauthorized to view this page.
Fri, Oct 22, 2021
Dear Client: As you'll recall, earlier this month Yuengling terminated its New York distributor, Boening Brothers Dist. (the sister company to Oak Beverage, which Yuengling had already terminated). Yuengling had indicated that it would rather have no distributor in the market than be with Boening, although one would assume that Yuengling would end up … "Boening Accuses Manhattan Beer of “Price Fixing”" You are unauthorized to view this page.
Thu, Oct 21, 2021

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